Cancellation Policy

In proteinak one of our priorities is to have your full comfort during online shopping.

If you want to cancel an order you should as soon as possible inform our team
Cancellation of order depends on delivery status, if the order is already in delivering phase you will receive an email message so you can have time to inform us of your intention to cancel before receiving this message.

We kindly ask you to send your cancellation request by ‘call us’ icon on the website
or by this email attached with your order code and
cancellation reason, or you can just call our customers service center number:

And we will directly take the needed actions. But note that if it’s already with the
delivery representatives we cannot cancel.

Kindly note that if you cancel the order after delivery or not answering delivery
representative for illogical reasons, you might be blocked from ‘payment upon
delivery’ service in the future.

If you cancel your order on delivery and you paid by our online payment service we
will only refund you with products costs and delivery costs will be excluded, that’s
after returning the products from representative delivery and it take around 14
working days starting from delivery date.

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