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It is a particular carbohydrate, able – as dextrose – to stimulate insulin,

but completely sugar-free. Vitargo consists of a molecule of plant origin extracted, using an exclusive process,
from corn starch. it represents, as molecular structure,
the carbohydrate form which is closer to glycogen, the primary energy source used in muscles. The distinctive feature of this molecule, which makes it really extraordinary,

is to have a molecular weight 100 times greater than maltodextrin, and about 3000 times greater than dextrose.

The molecular weight affects basically three factors:

1. Osmolarity Index: while absorbing little water, Vitargo produces an  hypotonic mix that reaches the stomach 80% faster than a dextrose water mix,

thus avoiding to divert fluid from the body and pour them in the intestine, especially in post-workout, when you mostly need tissues re-hydration.

2. Restoration of glycogen supplies: Vitargo’s large molecular weight, allows a very rapid transition in the stomach and allows the molecule to be immediately available for the body,

in order to be able to restore glycogen supplies more than 70% faster than water/dextrose or maltodextrin/water mix.

3. Glycemic Index: being completely sugar-free, but insulin-dependent, Vitargo provides a constant absorption.

Directions: For pre fueling, slam down Vitargo 10+ minutes before your workout. Athletes continue to fully fuel with Vitargo intra workout with stomach comfort. For post workout recovery, take Vitargo immediately following your training to maximize your muscle glycogen recovery.

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